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More People with Intellectual Disabilities Included




The Work-oriented Education Program and Human Development is a program that trains the young that due to their cognitive condition were unable to advance within the traditional educational process. The Tobias Emanuel Institute teaches them to satisfactorily perform the functions required in the selected job through practical exercise in different arts and crafts, enabling them to develop skills in all contexts. Also we work hard on building a being that in most cases has been abused and underestimated by their environment.

Be a part of the concept that education and training is an active step that promotes the improvement of life quality and social inclusion.

The Tobias Emanuel Institute as an institution that provides services to young people from the Cauca Valley “Vallecaucanos” including those who require support, is at the forefront of the demands and requirements of today's working world;  that is why that within the services offered the work-related Inclusion can be found, which is currently in process and is also found in the Education for Work and Human Development Proposal which seeks to form in an integral way  young people and their participation in the working world, not only taking into account strengthening up-to-date and relevant basic knowledge, but also to allow the experience of working life through working practices that combines theoretical and practical training and optimize these learning processes.



The Work-oriented Education program and Human Development is formed by the following arts and crafts:

  • Bakery
  • Hand-made jewellery
  • Gardening
  • Logistics
  • Office assistant/Clerk



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More People with Intellectual Disabilities Included


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Cali - Colombia

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