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More People with Intellectual Disabilities Included

Happiness Hall: A Space to Stimulate and Rediscover

In the Multisensory Stimulation Development Center of the Tobias Emanuel Institute there is a space that is part of the efforts to innovate in the processes of social inclusion of people with cognitive disabilities.
COLLAGE SALA ALEGRÍA It is the Happiness Hall, a place with lights, tables, colors, screens and a natural space with plants and water. This space is intended for people who are admitted to the institution that come from the ICBF and who, because of their disability, have not had the opportunity to access formal education programs. According to Luz Janeth Bernal, Internship Coordinator, Happiness Hall aims to "reforce basic cognitive abilities", "it was created with an atmosphere that allows a neurological awakening" for the beneficiaries, who are "those people who have moderate cognitive disabilities”. Among the advantages that this space has for the beneficiaries is the interest in working on visual or auditory stimulation, memory or attention, evoking events, the association of colors and numbers with learning, and the identification of animals and everyday objects, among others. The Coordinator affirms that they can recognize "all they would be in contact with on a day-to-day basis ... very basic aspects, but if this strategy were not there, it could not be done."maxresdefault The Happiness Project is led by Psychology, and for its activities it has the support of professionals in different areas that can meet the needs of the beneficiaries. This space went into operation in early 2017, and was made possible by a donation.


Inclusion and Corporate Social Responsibility in the 2013 World Games Cali


The Tobias Emanuel institute was associated to the organization of the 2013 World Games Cali, developing the following functions:

  • Organization process of badges by delegation.
  • Support in the assembly of Certification Centres.
  • Registration in the EMS certification system of people to participate in the event the 2013 World Games.
  • Support in hosting the delegations at the Centro de Eventos Valle del Pacífico Certification Centre at the National School of Sports.
  • Support in the registration process, printing and laminating the badges at the Certification Centres.
  • Delivery and distribution of badges to the participants of the 2013 World Games.
  • Support the CLOC on possible difficulties that may arise during the course of the 2013 World Games.

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Special Report: Children of the State


As children trapped in the body of adults and adolescents, as a result of an intellectual disability they have had since birth, around 100 people overcome their difficulties by the work that the Tobias Emanuel Institute is doing with them with its boarding-school program.


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More People with Intellectual Disabilities Included


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