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Cali – Colombia
More People with Intellectual Disabilities Included

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Household patterns with support

It is based on the quality of life approach as well as the of ICBF´s Social Inclusion model, and looks after individuals, which most of them are homeless due to several reasons, and search for the restoration of rights, improve independence, encouraging self-esteem and coexistence through the development of artistic, cultural and recreational activities, entertainment, leisure and civic life, trying to return with dignity to the home they do not have.

There are families who are required to support something they cannot; being all of us responsible for it, we must be present to support, hold, hug and make available the privileges that the others have.

The Institute has houses that enlarge the day-care model connected to their headquarters, and in each of these places 21 disabled individuals but with a great growth process, so they can live together and share there the daily events.


Tobías Emmanuel Institute


More People with Intellectual Disabilities Included


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Cali - Colombia

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