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Its purpose is integral education of children, adolescents and adults with intellectual disabilities in the categories of formal education, education for work and human development and education for life.

The affiliation to  the Day-Care corresponds to an action of expert care (Art. 53 Law 1098) considered by a Family Attorney from the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare (ICBF),in order to restore, after evaluation and comprehensive diagnosis of children and adolescents, the performance of their violated or threatened rights by its location in a specialized service.

The Day-care, then, is a method of service provided in an integral attention session of four (4) hours per day, Monday through Friday, for boys, girls and adolescents between 7 and 17 years of age, who live with their families, and whose diagnosis is moderate cognitive disability.

This service is oriented to boys, girls and adolescents in school, and not attending school, who require support in the use of spare time and develop their adaptive skills, with which their autonomy and independence will improve.


The ITE as an institution associated to the National Family Welfare System (ICBF), and therefore guarantor of rights of the boys, girls and adolescents treated in the category of day-care, and develops a support process from a perspective that incorporates the new concepts and challenges that prevail  on intellectual disability, the Supportive Model of Social Integration of the ICBF, a systemic view of the user and their family group and the development and optimization of Adaptive Skills, therefore, is designed by two components: INTERVENTION WITH THE FAMILY AND ADAPTATIVE KILLS

Intervention Strategies

Recognizing that there are multiple ways to develop work with boys, girls and adolescents with disabilities and their families, this program uses Art as its major strategy, taking into account that through it, the beneficiaries strengthen their relationship with the world, they discover it, they discover themselves and appropriate diverse knowledge. It is the generator of the development of natural creative expression that all beings bring along, and stimulates both, qualities and social values, as well as moral values and self-esteem.

In this regard, dancing, visual arts and theatre, made an integral part of the program, as they establish a number of important conditions that contribute to the development of skills such as motor skills, expression and symbolism; imagination and creativity, aesthetic sense, artistic appreciation, sensitivity, perception and knowledge

We are also in permanent search for new tools that allow the integral development of our beneficiaries such as the ABC, the reading and writing learning methodology, recently integrated.  Its positive results have been quick to come.

All these efforts allow us to develop life plans for each one of the Institute´s protected children.


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More People with Intellectual Disabilities Included


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