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More People with Intellectual Disabilities Included

Tobias Emmanuel Institute


More People with Intellectual Disabilities Included

The Institution, since its foundation in 1965, works for the social inclusion of the person with intellectual disability and its family. It is actively involved in the development of public policy surrounding this population. Its inclusive social model is based on research, innovation and systematization of better practices supported by the qualified and committed human talent that is part of it.

The ITE works under the "INCLUSIVE SOCIAL MODEL OF THE NEW ITE" which includes the corporate social responsibility and take an active and leading role in actions such as:

  • Strengthening the cognitive or intellectual disability sector in the City of Cali
  • Effective participation in the development plans of the Municipality of Santiago de Cali
  • Being part of the "Advisory Office for Social Inclusion" that works across all the secretariats beginning with the Planning Department and the Secretary of Education
  • Construction of Public Policies of the Intellectual Disability: Social and Corporate Responsibility and Working Inclusion, Inclusive Education and Construction of Public Policy in Disability.

Strategic Objectives

  • To contribute in the development of the processes of the social inclusion of individuals with and in a situation of intellectual disability in Colombia.
  • Accommodate and strengthen its value proposition based on the Social Inclusive Model.
  • Ensuring sustainability and financial growth.
  • Optimize processes and structure according to the requirements of the Social Inclusive Model.
  • Strengthen the abilities, welfare and culture of the human talent.


We develop and assist Life Projects for individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families that maximize their quality of life and enhance the process of inclusion.

Generate social transformation towards a conscious and sensitive environment, leading the construction of inclusive public policies around disability, taking into account the preservation of the environment.

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More people with intellectual disability are included in the society, with the family and labour.


Tobías Emmanuel Institute


More People with Intellectual Disabilities Included


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Cali - Colombia

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